Sunday, August 9, 2009

Using WIKI

Well, I am slowly making my way through all the content on this course. I really enjoyed the WIKI, and I love the concept of this program. I know that when I was doing group work last term that this would have been amazing to use!! We had a few group assignments to do and I was in 3 different groups. I live in a small town that was an hour away from the Uni, so to meet and discuss ideas was not always useful, so you can imagine the amount of emails that were involved. I think I ended up with about 150 emails back and forth with all my different groups...gosh, I was getting confused. Wiki would have been so great to know about and use, I can see how we could have used this to put our ideas and who needed to do what...and then being able to edit this when your task was done. I love it!!!

I think that using Wiki in a teaching setting would be perfect, especially group assignments. I think that I will definitely use this in my future teachings and also just on a general basis to complete projects or tasks with friends and family. I have already introduced my friends to this, they love it too. They think I am so smart LOL...and very tech savvy...ahhh if only they knew. At this point though, I have not use for Wiki, so I have only been able to play around with it, I am hoping to have uses for it in the future.

Till next time....

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