Sunday, August 16, 2009

Interactive Whiteboards

Well I have had the pleasure of using (very briefly)an interactive whiteboard, and I can honestly say that I was amazed. I was using it with Prep, and it was an absolutely fabulous way to have the students interact with the lesson. The students responded so well, and they stayed interested and engrossed in an otherwise boring lesson. Only having had a very brief encounter with interactive whiteboards, I had no idea that so much could be done with them. Being able to save lessons to give to students who were absent is a fantastic idea, probably not so much with younger students, I can see how it would be very beneficial to High School or Adult students, so as they do not miss out on a potentially important lesson.

I think that the use of built in maps is fantastic, being able to teach continents, countries, that is amazing. I have experience teaching overseas, and this would be an amazing tool to use with students to make them aware of the world map. These are just some of the other ways that I found out that the interactive whiteboard can be used -:

* Brainstorming
* Take notes onto PowerPoint presentations
* Reinforce skills by using on-line interactive web sites
* Creating a project calendar
* Teach editing skills using editing marks
* Use in the 6 trait writing process
* Use highlighter tool to highlight nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.
* Use it with Kidspiration or Inspiration
* Teaching students how to navigate the Internet
* Illustrate and write a book as a class. Use the record feature to narrate the text. (This is one of my favourites, I think this is amazing and would love to try it out.)
* Use the Interwrite software to create lessons in advance at home or at school.

Overall, I think that the interactive whiteboard has so much potential. I was told by a teacher that there are smaller versions of the interactive whiteboard that can be used, meaning that each student can have one on their desk just like a notepad, how cool is that. I believe they are expensive, but I am sure that in the future, that is way school will be going. I am looking forward to using this in the future.

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