Wednesday, August 19, 2009

File Sharing

I think that this website is a very good tool for sharing files of any sort with friends or family. Also, if you have resources that you wish to share with fellow teachers, this is a fantastic way to go about it. When I was teaching overseas, I was constantly searching the internet for resources to use, if I had had access to something like this, it would have been great. For example, if you had a lot of resources that you had created for classes, you can share them here with other ESL teachers, or even non ESL teachers. Hopefully, after some time you would have a nice data base of users that were all uploading and sharing their files for you to look at. I think that I will definitely keep this website in mind when I create resources. I am going to upload what I have now and invite my friends to use these files as they see fit. I think it is great and I hope that it can be useful to other teachers.

Here is the link to the one file that I have uploaded at this point.

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