Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some of my Thai students dressed in traditional outfits.

I was having fun playing with Picnik, I found that you can do this and many other forms of collage. This is one I put together of some of my students from Thailand dressed in some traditional Thai outfits. The camera I used was able to select just the colour of the outfits while having the rest in black and white, which I think has a very cool effect.

This would definitely be useful for students doing assignments or PowerPoint presentation to add and edit photos that can enhance their presentation. I had not heard of Picnik before, I had only ever used Photoshop or Photobucket...which are very similar. I enjoyed using this program, there are a lot of fun features available.

Now that I have learnt more about PowerPoint, I think this is something that I would definitely use to improve my presentations, and being able to use my photos is a bonus.

Till next time....

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