Sunday, August 9, 2009

Setting up RSS Aggregator

Wow...I did it! I set up the RSS Aggregator and I did it. It thought it was going to be hard and confusing, but once I started I realized just how easy it was. It makes following blogs so much easier. I had only started following a couple of blogs because I could not deal with any more than that, was getting confused. Now that I have set up this in Google reader, I think I will subscribe to few more blogs. I found the video on course website to be very useful. It made sense and made setting this up a lot easier. I now just have to remember to log in and check it out.

I think that using this technology for learners is great. Your students can learn how to save time and be alerted when there is something new for them to look at, whether it be news, updates or just keeping track of their friends or lecturers comments.

My goal now is to follow some more blogs and be sure to log in on a regular basis. I have tried to make a small comment on each blog I am following.

Till next time...(which will be power point)

1 comment:

  1. I feel exactly the same!

    And now it is all spaced out nicely and is very easy to read! (I have trouble when things are cramped up, wrong colours, etc. stuff like that).

    Can't wait till the power point!! You might give me some ideas for it!