Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Using Podcasts

I really like podcast. I have been using them for quite sometime just for personal use. I think that as far as an education tool, they are fantastic, especially in this generation of students that are all digital natives. I can hazard a guess and say that just about all children have some sort of music device, whether it is an Ipod, a mobile phone or some other MP3 player. Using Podcast to deliver instructions to students or friends or just for your own personal learning is a fantastic, easy and fun way to learn. I have personally been trying to learn a language, you subscribe and each day (depending on your subscription) you get a little bit more of your lessons. It is fantastic. There are so many ways in which Podcast can be used, as I have stated before, I am primarily an ESL teacher, and the use of podcast for some of these lessons is great. If your have students that need a little extra help, or maybe they missed a lesson, they can use the podcast to help them improve.

You could either assign the students to look up their own, or put it onto a WIKI website where you, as the teacher, has chosen specific podcast for students to listen too. I think the possibilities are endless.

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