Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Creating a Test

Well, at the present moment I am not teaching and do not have a class to try this out on, but I did create a test, just to play around with the site. I had a lot of fun, trying to find questions and answers that could be fun and interesting to put in a test. I had no idea how to put the URL on here, but you can find my test by going to the ClassMarker website and putting in the search engine "General Knowledge" and my test is called "Testing the Test". It is just a series of True/False questions and two punctuation questions, as I said, I was just playing around to see how it all worked.

I really did find this site quite useful. I have created lots of tests when I was teaching overseas, and I can say if I had known about this site it would have made making my test so much easier. I notice with the upgrade that you can add in the correct answers in the True/False section. I really would have like this, because I then could have explained what the answer was. For example, there is one question there "Adam's Ale is a kind of beer." Well the answer to that is False...it is water, I think it is great to be able to add the correct answer in there.

I will definitely use this website in the future, I think it is a very easy way to create a test for students.

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