Monday, July 20, 2009

Who am I?


I have never blogged before so thought I would start off my very first blog with a little bit about who I am and why I am here.

I have done a variety of different things in my short life and find that I love to be doing different things all the time. I started my journey in life right out of school when I joined the Army at the tender age of 16 1/2, I flew the nest and moved all the way down to Albury/Wodonga to start my life away from home. I spent 7 years in the Army, when I finally decided that this was not my life long career. I absolutely cherish that experience and would not change it for the world, it definitely set me up in life and gave me a good sense of discipline, respect and an amazing work ethic.

After I left the Army I was a little unsure of where my life would take me next...I tried a few different avenues of work, from Child Care to Managing a Golf club to managing a computer warehouse and then to Managing a Stainless Steel that was hard work, but I loved have people to train and look after (and boss around LOL). It was during my time in this work that I realised I was very unhappy with where my life was heading...I was a nightmare to live with (Just ask my best friend, I lived with her)...because I was not happy at all. I decided that I should take my first trip overseas. So at the age of 28 (going on 29) I left for my first ever overseas trip to Vanuatu....and OH MY GOD!!! It is an amazing place, I had the time of my life over there. I met some amazing people and drank lots of Kava, now that stuff is disgusting and weird but I seemed to be compelled to drink. Now anyone who does not know what Kava is, it is this disgusting smelling and disgusting looking drink that makes your lips and tongue go numb...but then you feel oh so relaxed. It is must try.

So after my trip to Vanuatu I decided that my life had to change in a drastic way. I scoured the Internet looking for my next adventure, and there is was...THAILAND!! I made the decision to go over to Thailand, get my TEFL certificate and teach overseas. I had many rocky roads on my journey, but I eventually ended up in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai, teaching at a fantastic school and absolutely loving life. Chiang Mai is an amazing place, the food is fantastic, it differs somewhat from Southern Thai food, and the people are fantastic. I made some of the greatest friends whilst I was there and hope to be for a long time. We all lived in this little block of units and used to joke that it was a lot like Melrose Place...everybody new your business.

So from this experience I knew that wanted to continue my journey of teaching overseas, but I needed to get some proper I chose to come back to Australia to get a Bachelors degree and plan on returning overseas when I am finished. I would love to go back to Thailand and I am sure I will, but I would love to teach in all sorts of different cultures and experience all there is to offer out there in this huge world of exciting possibilities.

So that is the short version of who I am...LOL. I look forward to continuing my blogs about my learning Journey and what I am learning in this particular course (managing E-learning).

Till next time....

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